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Hatcher: ‘You Lose To UK, You Lose To Everybody’

Louisville Trinity High School Defensive End Jason Hatcher spoke on why he committed to USC instead of UT.  Looks like Lane Kiffin stole another one.  ‘You Lose To UK, You Lose To Everybody’

Derek Dooley developing “Gold Standard” training facility

Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley and strength coach Ron McKeefery speak to the media during a tour of the Vols’ new football training center. The Vols’ coach had a big hand in designing the $42 million project, which features extreme detail, impressive player amenities and advanced technology. That’s right you heard it here, Coach Dooley […]

Big VOL Daddy wants answers

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Big VOL Daddy isn’t too happy with Tyler Bray. No one knows why Tyler threw beer bottles at car windshields and neither does Tyler know why either.

Vols open Puerto Rico Tip-Off vs. UNC-Asheville

  Coach Martin and the Vols will be traveling to play in the in Puerto Rice Tip-Off in November. Travel packages are available if you want to go and spend some time down in warm and sunny Puerto Rico, or you can stay at home and catch the game on ESPNU.

Lacey Pearl Earps’s Links of the Day

Coach Derek Dooley speaking at the Knoxville Rotary Club Quarterback Tyler Bray accused of throwing beer bottles at car NC State, Tennessee’s 1st football opponent, picked 3rd in ACC division Vols prepare for trip to Italy    

Now at USC, Renaldo “Swiperboy” Woolridge still singing Vols’ praises

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Filed under Swiperboy   Our #1 fan @Swiperboy from the West Coast continues to sing about the Vols. We would love to see the reaction on Lane Kiffin’s face seeing you with all that Orange and White on… #VFL

UT students create award-winning energy drink

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Be on the lookout for some new “Wired Berry” at your local convenience store…Who said I need Gatorade anymore?!? Great job girls!

Where Do the Prices of UT Football Tickets Rank in the SEC?

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From the great website

Opening opponent already has UT’s attention

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  As uncertain as a football season can be from a preseason vantage point, Tennessee at least knows its opener won’t be anything like the last three. Vols began watching video in May. Read more about it here